Security on the internet

Security is a top priority for ABN AMRO. This is why we have installed extensive security systems to protect your transactions and the data you transmit over the internet, but no system whatever can claim to be 100% secure. For example, the rapid pace of technological change and the open nature of the internet make it hard to guarantee watertight security. We therefore recommend that you also take your own precautionary measures so that we can together minimise the risks at both ends.

Your own security measures

ABN AMRO makes every effort to ensure the security of its websites and applications. But the security of your computer and mobile device must be in order. So you should arrange for a good virus scanner and firewall. And you should be sure to install all the updates of your operating system and other computer programs.

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Fake websites

If you visit our website, you will automatically gain access through a secure internet connection. The internet address (or URL) of this website is
The URL starts with https://. The ‘s’ stands for secure. Please note that if the ‘s’ is missing after ‘http’, the internet connection is not secure. 

Fraudsters can build misleading websites with a slightly modified name such as instead of And they will try to lead you to the fake website by a misleading link. 

If you are unsure whether the website on your screen is genuine, check the exact internet address. If the address does not correspond with the URL in the above paragraph, you must break the connection with the website.

Email fraud

ABN AMRO never asks you by email for confidential information such as your PIN, login or transfer codes. You should be aware that an email which appears to have been sent by ABN AMRO may in fact be fake. This is known as a phishing email. It may, for example, contain the ABN AMRO logo and other data taken from our website. Often internet criminals try to induce you to visit a fake ABN AMRO website by clicking on a link. Never do so!

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Fraud by telephone and text message

ABN AMRO never asks you by telephone or text message for your login code or to update Internet Banking or log in on Internet Banking. Nor do we ever ask you to test a new website or the security of your computer by clicking on a link. If you receive such a request, never act on it!

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Debit card fraud

Fraudsters who practise card skimming try to copy data from the magnetic strip on the back of your debit card and get hold of your PIN. This can happen anywhere in the world. Using the data obtained from the magnetic strip, the fraudsters then try to withdraw money from your account. In Europe the magnetic strip has frequently been replaced by a chip. This is why fraudsters often switch their operations to countries outside Europe where withdrawals are often still made with a magentic strip.

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Reporting fraud

Above we have described various forms of fraud. If you believe you are faced with a case of fraud, please report it to us.

Responsible disclosure

We work every day to refine our systems and procedures. However, errors can occur and, where this happens, we do not try to conceal them from the public. But if you publicly disclose weaknesses in our IT systems without first consulting with us, this can have serious consequences. Criminals may use your information, for example to commit internet fraud. To prevent this, we would kindly request you to contact us and help us to find a solution. We can then take measures to prevent fraud and system outages.

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Secure banking

However you arrange your banking business, security always takes precedence. When using Internet Banking or mobile banking or when making payment and/or withdrawing cash with your debit card, you always your transaction to be secure. ABN AMRO therefore does everything possible to enable you to bank securely. But it still pays for you to remain alert at all times.

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