ABN AMRO invests in sixth impact bond

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A broad alliance of parties is today announcing that they are joining hands to support employees who have or have had cancer in returning to work faster and more successfully. The alliance includes insurer De Amersfoortse, occupational health and safety service ArboNed, reintegration agency Re-turn, the ABN AMRO Social Impact Fund and Start Foundation. The parties are using an innovative financing instrument called a Health Impact Bond (HIB). The ABN AMRO Social Impact Fund will invest EUR 317,500 in this bond.

Kees van Dijkhuizen, CEO of ABN AMRO: “Four years ago we issued our first impact bond, and today we are proudly announcing our sixth impact bond. We will use our financial expertise to address an important social challenge. We are making this investment through our Social Impact Fund to achieve social as well as financial returns.”

A Social Impact Bond (SIB) is a contract under which private investors invest money to address a social problem. Whether or not investors recoup their investment and receive returns depends on the success of the project. A HIB is very similar to an SIB, but a HIB specifically aims to address a social health problem.

More information is available here.

A total of nine impact bonds have been issued in the Netherlands since the first Social Impact Bond was launched in late 2013. ABN AMRO has invested in six of these bonds. The goal of three of the SIBs is to coach young people looking for a job, while a fourth SIB aims to help ex-convicts find a job and another SIB helps job-seekers in the Dutch town of Enschede find a job across the border in Germany.


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