Serious Mixed Reality Game: choosing your insurance is child’s play

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At the Beyond Banking Days last Friday, ABN AMRO and InSpark launched a Serious Mixed Reality Game to help customers find out just how well insured they are. Participants come to realise whether their existing insurances suit their personal situations. After this test drive, further experiments are in the pipeline to explore the possibilities Mixed Reality has to offer.

The Proof of Concept was created for the Microsoft HoloLens. As a customer, when you put on the smartglasses, you'll see your own living room with virtual images overlaid. You can decide whether you want to insure your television, or that precious Ming vase or perhaps your car parked outside, all within the limits of your stated maximum budget. Then the serious game simulates a number of worst-case scenarios before your eyes, through the Mixed Reality. Afterwards, you'll receive advice on whether your chosen insurance cover is right for you. It's a great way for customers to determine the best overall insurance solution for their individual situations.

Mixed Reality speeds up service

"The Proof of Concept shows our employees and customers the power of visualisation with Mixed Reality. The next step for the bank will be to apply the technology as a solution with maximum added value for the customer,” says Micha Rentier, Head of Technology Lab ABN AMRO. “This project has been realised through a collaboration with InSpark. Together we explored the possibilities and limits of Mixed Reality. Now, within a setting of open innovation, we want to further develop the concept. As such, other companies in the Netherlands can also learn from our joint Proof of Concept."

Laurens Frijters, InSpark’s Managing Director, adds: "Mixed Reality has moved past the hype stage; the number of applications is on the rise. With the launch of HoloLens and a range of new devices being released this year, Mixed Reality will become integrated into our digital living and working environment over the next few years. The divide between physical and virtual realms will disappear. Whether it's virtual advising, designing or learning, every sector is packed with opportunity to make service faster and better. Among the Dutch banking sector, ABN AMRO is leading the way in this area. We’re the early adopter."


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