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The circulair Pavilion as seen from the Gustav Mahlerlaan

Adjacent to ABN AMRO's headquarters at the Gustav Mahlerplein in Amsterdam, construction of a new building known as 'The Pavilion' has been ongoing since late 2015. Now that we're nearing completion and the official opening date of 5 September draws closer, ABN AMRO is presenting the building's official name: 'Circl'. The “soft launch” of the building, with the first trial activities, is scheduled for June.

Circular down to the name

The circular concept underlying the building’s construction is also reflected in the name of Circl. In the circular economy, production chains are no longer open-ended. Instead, the circle is closed, and waste is always recycled. As for the spelling of the name – one of the E's has been intentionally left out. You don't need that E to pronounce the name, after all. This symbolises one of the core concepts of circularity: leaving out any unnecessary elements.

The circular economy is a relatively new theme for the public. Circular in this context means all materials can be reused as much as possible within their maximum lifespan. This matters because as a society we have to cut back on consumption of our dwindling supply of raw materials. Furthermore, by using green building methods, we're emitting less CO2, which contributes to a better environment, a healthier society and a more sustainable economy.

Right to copy

ABN AMRO Director of Customer Experience Mark van Rijt is excited about the project’s progress. “Roughly two years ago we took on the new challenge of circular construction, together with our partners BAM, Architekten CIE, Traject and Donkergroen. From start to end, innovation and a healthy dose of experimentation have been a hallmark of the project's realisation. By creating Circl, the circular pavilion, we've gained a wealth of new knowledge and experience which we want to share with our clients. And we don't do copyright. We give our clients the 'right to copy' instead. After all, anyone following this example helps us positively transform the urban environment.”


As an openly accessible platform where lectures and meetings take place, Circl is a public icon of knowledge sharing on the circular economy theme. Mark van Rijt explains: “Through a broad programme created in cooperation with debate centre Pakhuis de Zwijger, we will be engaging in an ongoing discussion about social and economic issues, to explore new possibilities and solutions in the circular economy.” In addition to attending the programme events, visitors can relax and enjoy a drink or a meal at catering partner Vermaat's restaurant.


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