Record-breaking week for Tikkie thanks to King's Day

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Tikkie was used to send one payment request every second on average last week. At around 650,000 requests, this means a new record for ABN AMRO's payment app. Payments on and around King's Day caused a visible surge in the number of Tikkies.

ABN AMRO was not surprised by the increase during the King's Day week. 'Whenever people do things together, we see that they use Tikkie to share the costs. And King's Day, more than most, is a festival that people celebrate together. This is reflected by a spike on top of the average numbers of payment requests, which were between 575,000 and 600,000 in the weeks before,' explains Frank Verkerk, Chief Digital Officer at ABN AMRO.

Not only payment requests between consumers are increasing: commercial use of Tikkie is rising as well (Dutch only). 'SPAR University introduced Tikkie at one of its branches in early April, and customers can now use our app to pay for their groceries. Our partnership with the Dutch Heart Foundation also demonstrates how charities can use the app for donor payments by mobile telephone. Tikkie is now also available as part of the KLM app, as a simple way for travellers to share the costs of airplane tickets, baggage and seat reservations.'

About Tikkie

Tikkie is a free app for iPhone and Android that makes it easy to send payment requests by WhatsApp or SMS text message. Since it was first introduced in 2016, Tikkie has been adopted by more than 2.5 million users. Although ABN AMRO was behind the initiative, Tikkie is free for anyone with a Dutch checking account and a smartphone - the person receiving the Tikkie does not need to have the app. Payments go through iDEAL and the payer's own bank. The app is compliant with ABN AMRO's guidelines and security standards: users' data are carefully protected and are not shared with other companies.


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