ABN AMRO discontinues Android Wallet

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ABN AMRO is discontinuing its Wallet app for Android smartphones, as too few clients use the option to make payments with an Android smartphone.

ABN AMRO is continuously developing new ways for clients to make payments and added its own wallet to its payment options in 2016. Clients with an Android smartphone containing an NFC chip can use the Wallet to pay for their purchases at payment terminals in shops.

Right now, the Wallet is used by less than 5% of clients with an Android smartphone – relatively few clients. ABN AMRO has therefore decided to discontinue this app.


Clients can continue to make payments using the Wallet for up to two months after receiving this message, unless their smartphone operates on Android 10, which is not supported by the app.

Wearables are an alternative for Android users who want to make contactless payments. They are available in different designs and price categories, from key rings and rings to watches.


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