ABN AMRO Energy Transition Fund (ETF) invests in NorSun

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ABN AMRO ETF is investing in Norwegian company NorSun, which develops and produces monocrystalline wafers for ultra-high efficiency solar cells. These cells are mostly used in solar panels.

NorSun was looking to tap into new capital to double its production capacity, introduce new technologies and significantly reduce unit costs. ETF, together with new investor Nysnø will be among NorSun’s largest shareholders next to NorSun’s existing shareholders Scatec and Arendals Fossekompani, who are also contributing in the capital increase

Frederik Deutman, Head of ABN AMRO ETF, observes: ”NorSun is a leader in its fields, and helping it take this next step in its growth fits in perfectly with our ambition to support companies with strong management teams that drive the energy transition.” 

ABN AMRO ETF provides equity to companies featuring in the energy transition and that are ready for the next phase in their growth, typically investing between EUR 10 million and EUR 25 million. For more information about ETF and previous investments, visit the ABN AMRO website. The NorSun website has more about the Norwegian company.


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