ABN AMRO shares compute power in battle against corona

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Since last week, ABN AMRO has been helping in the battle against corona by sharing the compute power of the Dataistic Center, an initiative of ABN AMRO and Dell Technologies, for COVID-19- related research. This is done through the Folding@Home platform.

Folding@home is a project focused on disease research. Because the problems they are solving require so many computer calculations, they built a platform where other parties can contribute their compute power to the research. “Through Folding@Home we hope to speed up the development of methods to control COVID-19 and other diseases,” says Micha Rentier, head of the Technology Lab of ABN AMRO. 

Let’s join forces

Our society is facing a major challenge with the worldwide corona crisis. In line with her purpose Banking for better, for generations to come, ABN AMRO is trying to find ways to help in the battle against COVID-19. Micha Rentier: “Joining the Folding@Home initiative is a start, but we believe that there are more researchers, like data scientists, virologists and doctors, that can benefit from our Dataistic Center facilities.”

Therefore, ABN AMRO is reaching out to all scientists fighting COVID-19, offering help with computer calculations, analysis or setting up data research. So if your medical research project could use help with calculations, analysis, support or setting up data research, reach out at dataistic.center@nl.abnamro.com.

Collaborating for social impact

The Dataistic Center is a unique initiative meant for data-driven research with a social objective. Since the opening in January 2019, the centre has been setting up new valuable and impactful collaborations.  

The lab is currently helping universities, medical institutions and charity organisations in their data-driven research and experiments. A great example is how they joined forces with the Princess Máxima Pediatric Hospital& in the battle against childhood cancer by minimising the time needed to analyse the data of a patient, diagnose and define a treatment approach. The Dataistic Center does this by providing access to advanced IT solutions and by sharing their data science expertise. 

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