ABN AMRO Mobile Banking app now with even more self-service functions

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Mobile banking with ABN AMRO Banking app

As of today, ABN AMRO clients can change settings on their debit cards via the Mobile Banking app.

For example, clients travelling outside Europe can change their payment profile setting from ‘Europe’ to ‘World’ using their phone, so that they can immediately withdraw cash from ATMs and pay with their debit card. By introducing a link to location software (for iOS) in the phone, clients can turn on an option in their Mobile Banking app that will send them a message to change their payment profile setting as soon as they leave Europe.

Another setting that clients can now adjust via the app is their ATM and POS limit. This means that clients about to make a large purchase can use their phone to raise the limit on the spot and lower it again when they have paid.

These are services that ABN AMRO clients use frequently, and from now on they can do so whenever they like using the app, with the new settings taking effect immediately. With these and future innovations, ABN AMRO is responding to the wish that many clients have expressed to be able to adjust everything related to payments independently, through the Mobile Banking app, wherever and whenever they please.

An added benefit of the upgraded app is that it is easier on the eyes. If clients have adjusted the font size in their phone settings, the app automatically picks this up and conforms. All screens now also have better contrast.

ABN AMRO’s Mobile Banking app sees 60 million log-ons a month.


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