e.dentifier no longer necessary for iDEAL payments made with ABN AMRO Mobile Banking app

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Clients of ABN AMRO who use their smartphone or tablet to purchase a product in a webshop for the first time in that shop can now pay for their purchase with iDEAL in the bank’s Mobile Banking app without using an e.dentifier.

ABN AMRO has added this function to the app at the request of many clients. The bank wants to make it even easier for clients to do their banking business whenever and wherever they want.

It was already possible to use the app to transfer money to unknown account numbers without the use of an e.dentifier, but now the same goes for iDEAL payments. Clients only need to enter a 5-digit identification code to authorise an iDEAL payment for amounts within the client’s chosen daily limit. If they prefer, clients can also choose to continue using the e.dentifier.

ABN AMRO is working hard to make banking easier for its clients. The bank is making it possible for clients to use the Mobile Banking app to perform an increasing number of actions using only the 5-digit identification code.

Convenience may not come at the expense of security. A new element has therefore been added to the app’s security: clients are no longer recognised solely by the identification code, but also by the device they use to conduct their banking business. All users of the app are now being asked to register their device with ABN AMRO so that the bank can verify the details when a payment order is given. Clients will soon only be able to use the Mobile Banking app if they have registered their device with the bank.


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