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ABN AMRO is using personalised videos as part of its standard recruitment strategy to attract talents to fill specialised IT and finance positions. The videos are distributed through social media and other relevant channels using an appropriate tone of voice. They mainly target people with at least three years working experience. The bank has teamed up with StoryTEQ for this recruiting initiative.

Joep Hermsen, Talent Sourcer at ABN AMRO: "As an employer, we are in a competitive market with a great demand for talent in specialised finance and IT jobs. So it’s important that potential employers set themselves apart from the rest and engage proactively with the best talents. We are seeking to do so with this new, innovative recruitment method. This approach fits ABN AMRO like a glove, as we want to be a digitally savvy bank and employer. Watch the videos for a sneak preview. They show the types of complex challenges the bank and its employees face in building the bank of the future."

A personal approach works

The videos are different in that they are tailored to the target group’s needs. ABN AMRO has found that it is more likely to truly reach viewers by sending them a personal message that is geared to their world. The bank believes this innovative recruitment approach could boost response by 25 per cent compared with traditional recruitment methods. Research has shown that personal videos used for marketing purposes are opened more often, that the click ratio is higher, that they create greater engagement and that viewers of personalised videos are more inclined to take action.

Talent Sourcing

ABN AMRO wants to attract the best talents. More often than not, these talents already have a job that suits them well and they tend to be confident of their own knowledge and skills. In order to reach these people, ABN AMRO is now using the Talent Sourcing method. Organisations use this recruiting approach to fill complex vacancies and to recruit large numbers of people. Talent Sourcing entails finding talents, getting in touch with them, engaging them and then activating them to make the change to ABN AMRO. We do this by approaching them through the most appropriate channels – such as LinkedIn – and by applying the right tone of voice. Talent Sourcing helps ABN AMRO find the best people for complex positions. In doing so, it contributes to the bank’s strategic goals. 

Click here for a sneak preview.


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