Students in Groningen no longer need to miss classes thanks to Tikkie app

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Tikkie app

Groningen University (RUG) is the first Dutch university to start sending students a Tikkie payment request so that they can pay their tuition fees on time. The goal: to make sure that fewer students miss lectures because of payment arrears.

Students pay their fees by standing orders but the RUG has found that some of these payment orders are declined. If students fall into arrears as a result, they may in some cases be denied access to lectures or online learning material. The university hopes using the Tikkie app as a method of payment will help solve this problem for students.

Tikkie is popular among students. They use the app to pay each other back for lunches, drinks or presents, for example. The RUG expects that students will be more inclined to read a Tikkie text message and pay the amount due (or send the message on to their parents for them to pay). 

Frank Verkerk, Chief Digital Officer at ABN AMRO: "Tikkie has been developed as a handy and friendly way to send payment requests among friends. But Tikkie can also be used by institutes of education to make it easier for students to pay tuition fees. Both the universities and the students are set to gain from this."

In February this year Transavia Airlines carried out a pilot enabling customers to pay through Tikkie. Passengers are able to book more legroom, for example, or extra baggage and pay using the Tikkie app. The money is then transferred in just over an hour.


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