Hartstichting and ABN AMRO - Partners for a smoke-free future

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Choose heart over smoking

ABN AMRO and Hartstichting, the Dutch Heart Foundation, have announced that they will join forces in the fight for a smoke-free future. Hartstichting and the bank are signing a partnership agreement today, bringing this goal a little closer.

It is a commonly known fact that smoking strongly increases the risk of heart and cardiovascular disease. In the Netherlands, around 20,000 people die from smoking-related diseases every year while thousands more die from passive smoking. Economic research institute SEO has estimated the cost of smoking to Dutch society at EUR 2,000 per person per year.

Creating a society in which no one dies from smoking-related disease is a major goal of Hartstichting, and ABN AMRO supports this commitment. By having its payments run via ABN AMRO and part of its assets managed by the bank, Hartstichting is able to realise its social goals together with the bank. Hartstichting and ABN AMRO are also exploring the possibilities of jointly issuing a Health Impact Bond. They are also looking into ways in which the Tikkie payment app and other innovations can serve to attract donations. Through ABN AMRO Foundation, the bank’s staff can take part in programmes aimed at raising funds for Hartstichting. Moreover, the bank decided in April 2017 to stop investing in the tobacco industry, as the core activity of this industry is not compatible with the bank’s core values.

Floris Italianer, Director of Hartstichting: "We welcome ABN AMRO as a new partner in discouraging the use of tobacco and promoting a smoke-free society, and look forward to building on our partnership. Smoking is by far the most avoidable cause of disease and mortality in the Netherlands. Every week, hundreds of children are still becoming addicted to tobacco. No wonder the majority of Dutch people support the Smoke-free Generation: a society in which nobody dies from smoking-related disease and children can grow up smoke-free. We hope other financial institutions will soon follow suit and redefine their social policies."

ABN AMRO CEO Kees van Dijkhuizen: "We are happy to partner with the Hartstichting. We share their ambition to reduce the number of deaths and seriously ill resulting from smoking. We are doing this based on our conviction that everyone is entitled to a healthy life. ABN AMRO also sponsors many sports clubs where children play sports every day. From that perspective, our support for the fight against smoking is a logical step. ABN AMRO wants to be a bank with a healthy impact on society, which is why we are supporting Hartstichting in its fight against smoking. We hope other institutions will follow our example soon."


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