Grip app available for Rabobank, SNS and ICS customers

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From today, anyone with a Rabobank or SNS current account or an ICS credit card will be able to use ABN AMRO’s Grip app. Grip allows users to check their income and expenses on the go. And with the option of adding other bank accounts, the app provides a more complete picture of their finances. ABN AMRO expects to soon be able to add accounts with other Dutch banks.

Grip automatically puts income and expenses in useful categories, such as groceries and transport. Users can allocate a budget to each category and will receive a push message if their budget has almost been reached. This gives users a better grip on their personal finances.

The app now has about 700,000 users, and is highly valued by them. Many people in the Netherlands bank with several banks and being able to access all their finances in a single app provides them with a digital, automated view of their household spending. From today Rabobank and SNS customers can also use ABN AMRO’s Grip app and ICS credit card holders can view their payment details in Grip if they have given their approval. 

Ready for PSD2

ABN AMRO account holders are now able to inform the bank that they wish to share their payment details with other banks. ABN AMRO is ready to meet these requests, in accordance with the new European PSD2 rules. Clients will, of course, be able to decide themselves whether they want this information to be shared.

What is PSD2?

PSD2 is a new European payment services directive. The new legislation paves the way for bank clients to give third parties access to their online bank accounts. The Dutch central bank DNB and the Dutch National Forum on the Payment System, MOB, recently launched a campaign to inform the general public about the possibilities and implications of the new legislation. For more information, see (in Dutch only).

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