Targeting energy label A by 2030

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ABN AMRO is responsible for financing more than 10% of all homes and buildings in the Netherlands. This is reflected on our balance sheet by a total of 185 billion euros in outstanding loans – about two thirds of the loans that the bank has issued. If we work together with our clients to make all those buildings more sustainable, we can have a major impact.

Average energy label: A

We want to encourage our clients and our own people to improve their sustainability, and help them in their efforts, to raise the average energy performance to energy label A by 2030. We’re working on a series of initiatives to help us realise this ambition.

Commercial clients can find out how to boost the sustainability of buildings using an online tool and through personal advice. The bank will then finance 100% of the investment. The newly introduced Energy Saving Check tells retail clients about the benefits of a more sustainable home and what the possibilities are. We also offer personal advice about improvements: in some cases they might be eligible for 0.2% discount on their mortgage interest, and the bank will arrange the financing. ABN AMRO will use the years ahead to develop more new initiatives for all its clients.

Of course we haven’t forgotten about the sustainability of our own buildings. By now, 50 percent of the buildings that we occupy have energy label A; for properties that we own, the figure is 89 percent. By 2023, we want all our premises – whether we lease them or own them – to have energy label A. The expertise that we gain as we improve the sustainability of our properties will be shared with our clients and partners.

Making an impact together with our clients

Ultimately, our greatest positive impact comes from helping our clients boost the sustainability of their own homes and offices. The total volume of all those properties far exceeds that of our own buildings. This means we can only realise our ambitions if we join forces with our clients. The benefits are clear to see:

We will remain true to what we do best: banking. By forging partnerships with sustainability experts we can offer our clients a full array of sustainability services, ranging from insight into options and expenses to realising and financing practical improvements.

Huge impact on society

The built-up area in the Netherlands produces 40% of the country’s total carbon emissions. Combined, all the properties financed by ABN AMRO emit approximately 6 megatonnes of CO2 per year. Together with its clients, ABN AMRO can make residential and commercial property more sustainable and reduce that volume to around 4 megatonnes per year as from 2030. This reduction of around 2 megatonnes is equivalent to the annual carbon emissions produced by almost 800,000 cars.

Experience and experiments

ABN AMRO is certainly no newcomer to sustainability. Over the years we have developed a broad and deep understanding of sustainable real estate, both from client projects and from work on our own offices. For example, in 2016 ABN AMRO provided loans worth a billion euros for the purpose of boosting the sustainability of our clients’ commercial property. Thanks to those loans, the percentage of energy label A buildings in our commercial property portfolio has improved from 1% to 13% within the space of two years.

In addition to offering our existing solutions, our teams across all business units never stop experimenting and developing new initiatives. These initiatives are centred around convenient ways for our clients to boost the sustainability of their homes or office buildings. These initiatives are developed in partnership with the clients themselves and with sustainability experts, to ensure that our solutions meet their real needs.

Unique bank-wide ambition

Our bank-wide ambition is unique: we’re the only bank in the Netherlands that helps clients across all segments make their properties more sustainable, from private banking and retail clients to institutions and companies. From the core of our business we are helping make the Netherlands more sustainable.

As a bank we shoulder our responsibility wherever we can. This is in our own interests as well. What we gain is a healthy and future-proof real estate portfolio and compliance with all relevant laws and regulations. Through our efforts to boost the sustainability of real estate we can create long-term value, both for our clients and for ourselves.