Richard Kooloos about Integrated Reporting
Richard Kooloos about ABN AMRO Integrated Report 2015

In recent years, we took the first steps towards integrated reporting. Our material sustainability topics have been integrated into our Annual Report for 2015. On this page, you will find background information, key figures and highlights that complement the financial sections of our Annual Report for 2015. Our quarterly newsletter 'Sustainable Banking – How and Why’ gives accounts of our most recent sustainability activities and dilemmas. All of these documents combined present a comprehensive picture of our achievements in 2015 and 2016.

ABN AMRO Sustainability Highlights 2015

Sustainability Highlights 2015 - performance and outlook

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ABN AMRO Sustainability Facts and Figures 2015

Sustainability Facts and Figures 2015

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ABN AMRO Materiality Analysis 2015

Materiality Analysis 2015

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ABN AMRO Stakeholder Engagement 2015

Stakeholder Engagement 2015

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ABN AMRO Stakeholder Consultations 2015

Stakeholder Consultation 2015

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ABN AMRO Equator Principles 2015

Equator Principles 2015

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GRI Index 2015

GRI Index 2015

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Sustainable Banking Newsletter 5

Newsletter nr 5 - October 2016

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ABN AMRO Sustainable Banking Newsletter 4 - July 2016

Newsletter nr 4 - July 2016

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ABN AMRO Sustainable Banking newsletter 3

Newsletter nr 3 - Apr. 2016

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Sustainable Banking Newsletter 2

Newsletter nr 2 - Feb. 2016

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Sustainable Banking Newsletter 1

Newsletter nr 1 - Nov. 2015

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