Employee engagement and empowerment

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Our employees are looking for a challenging environment in which they do meaningful work, add value for clients and are given autonomy and responsibility. A rewarding and inclusive workplace fosters a feeling of engagement and empowerment. Employees around the world want to stay connected and exchange knowledge and ideas with one another. Meet Connections, our social network within the bank.

Value created

  • 84% of staff are positive about the bank’s inclusive environment (13 percentage points higher than industry norm).
  • We organise a Diversity Experience conference and mentoring programmes for women.
  • We invested EUR 54 million in employee training and development in 2016.

Employee engagement*

(in %)
2015 76
2016 82

Gender diversity at the top

(in %)
2015 23
2016 25

*2016 score based on revised measurement method. For more details on employee engagement, please see 'Employee engagement' in the Group performance section of the 2016 Annual Report.