Sustainability of our business model

Sustainability of our business model


As a bank, we play an important role in society. Our continued existence is important to the Dutch economy. We need to be a solid, future-fit bank with a sustainable business model that produces healthy, robust results - both financial and non-financial. Only then can we deliver on our promise to create lasting stakeholder value. A sustainable business model is by definition a work in progress, so we are constantly exploring ways to improve ours.

Value created

  • Cost-saving programmes under way, saving up to EUR 900 million by 2020. 
  • Developing new earnings models and launching challenger banks outside our own platforms.

Underlying return on equity

(in %)
2015 12.0
2016 11.8

Dow Jones Sustainability Index ranking

(scale 1 to 100)
2015 78
2016 87

Gender diversity at the top

(in %)
2015 23
2016 25