ABN AMRO Art Award

The ABN AMRO Art Prize, first awarded in 2004, was aimed at nurturing young talents from other countries who were living and working in the Netherlands, and facilitating cross-pollination between artists from varying cultural backgrounds. The prize was awarded four times in all. Winners were Fahrettin Örenli (2004), Eylem Aladogan (2005), Ryan Gander (2006) and Melissa Gordon (2007). In 2015, the ABN AMRO Art Prize was revived, now as a way of offering encouragement to all artists living and working in the Netherlands. The fifth edition in 2015 was won by Melvin Moti, and the sixth in 2016 by Marijn van Kreij.

The exhibition Reclining Nude with a Man Playing the Guitar by the artist Marijn van Kreij will be on display from 24 November 2016 to 28 May 2017 in the Hermitage Amsterdam.

The ABN AMRO Art Award focuses on fostering talent in the Netherlands. The leading criteria for the award are the quality and uniqueness of voice found in the work. The winner of the ABN AMRO Award receives an exhibition in the Hermitage Amsterdam and in the head office of ABN AMRO in Amsterdam, with an accompanying catalogue and a monetary award of 10,000 euros. An art work of the winner is also purchased for the ABN AMRO art collection.

The ABN AMRO Art Award 2015 is part of the programme ABN AMRO: Partner of the Future, in which the bank invests in talented individuals who are working towards new achievements in sports, enterprise, education or culture and the arts. The bank hopes that the Art Award will give talented visual artists the opportunity to move forward with their work and reach a wider audience.

Marijn van Kreij

Marijn van Kreij

In 2016 Marijn van Kreij wins the sixth ABN AMRO Art Award

‘When your work receives this kind of appreciation, it immediately opens up new possibilities.’

Melvin Moti

Melvin Moti

In 2015 Melvin Moti won the fifth ABN AMRO Art Award

‘The award gave me the opportunity to show my work in the Netherlands again.’

Melissa Gordon

Melissa Gordon

In 2007 Melissa Gordon won the fourth ABN AMRO Art Award

'The prize awarded a freedom whereby I could experiment with new works and ideas.'

Ryan Gander

Ryan Gander

In 2006 Ryan Gander won the third ABN AMRO Art Award

'His work has been exhibited in recent years at the Guggenheim Museum in New York and Museum Boijmans van Beuningen in Rotterdam.'

Eylem Aladogan

Eylem Aladogan - 'Het winnen van de ABN AMRO Kunstprijs gaf mij in 2005 een enorme boost, vooral in combinatie met een tentoonstelling.'

In 2005 Eylem Aladogan won the second ABN AMRO Art Award

‘Winning the ABN AMRO Art Award (2005) gave me a tremendous boost at the time, particularly as it was combined with an exhibition.’

Fahrettin Örenli

Fahrettin Orenli

In 2004 Fahrettin Örenli won the first ABN AMRO Art Award

'The prize made it possible to travel and start realizing my long term project ‘Conspiracy Wall > ANARTIST’.'