Exhibitions and events

Exhibition ‘Faithful Eye’, Grand Rapids Art Museum, Grand Rapids, 2007

The works of the collection are made available and accessible for exhibitions and loans to museums on a regular basis. They are being displayed in presentations inside and outside the bank.

Marlene Dumas and Carla Klein

On loan
Location: Museum MORE, Gorssel
January 22 - April 30, 2017

The exhibition ‘Marlene Dumas and Carla Klein’ is a presentation with works by these two important contemporary artists from the collection of Museum More. The works are shown alongside some works by these artists from the ABN AMRO collection, like the recent ‘Untitled’ work of Carla Klein, from 2015 (see image).

All Paintings Are Uneven

Exhibition: visits by appointment
Venue: ABN AMRO Head Office
19 January 2017 - March 2018

The exhibition 'All Paintings Are Uneven' presents new acquisitions by young and emerging artistic talent, juxtaposed with works by established artists from the ABN AMRO collection. Together they represent an overview of the current status of painting, whilst at the same time illustrating the crossover boundaries between painting and other media. The exhibition includes work by Marlene Dumas, Robert Zandvliet, Juliaan Andeweg, Marijn van Kreij and David Nuur.
(Photo: Work by Wouter Paijmans, ‘Bitter Sweet’, 2016)

Reclining Nude with a Man Playing the Guitar

Venue: Hermitage Amsterdam
24 November 2016 - 28 May 2017

The exhibition 'Reclining Nude with a Man Playing the Guitar' can be seen in Hermitage Amsterdam from 24 November 2016 to 28 May 2017, featuring work by the artist Marijn van Kreij. Van Kreij is the sixth winner of the ABN AMRO Kunstprijs art award. The exhibition is built around a new series called ‘Picasso Grids’, comprising monumental paintings on paper, for which carefully chosen details from Picasso’s late paintings form the starting point.


On loan
Venue: Museum Beelden aan Zee, Scheveningen
7 October 2016 - 12 February 2017

In the exhibition 'Opnieuw.Reset', Hielke Luik not only seeks to look back at her oeuvre, but also to bring her work into a new context and reuse it. The works are reset. The ABN AMRO Art Collection lent the works 'Mask for Ears and O’s' and 'Buig en Strek' for this retrospective exhibition.

Cobra Art

On loan
Location: Cobramuseum Amstelveen
On permanent display

Various works from the ABN AMRO collection are on permanent display in the Cobramuseum in Amstelveen. ABN AMRO has a special collection of works by Dutch Cobra such as Karel Appel, Constant and Lucebert. Several of them are out on long-term loan to the Cobramuseum, where they can be viewed.


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