Historical collection

ABN AMRO commercial
Old TV commercials ABN

The Art & History Foundation manages one of the largest, most diverse and valuable corporate collections in the Netherlands.

In addition to the extensive company archives, it includes:

Together, these objects present an insightful overview of three centuries of banking and of the history of the Netherlands. In the Art & History department we make the archives available to students, journalists and historians for research purposes. We also organise guided tours of the collection and of historical bank buildings in Amsterdam.

Saving at school, then and now

Delfts blauwe spaarpot

You’re never too young to learn. This educational precept was the foundation for the school savings programme ('Schoolsparen') that started in the nineteenth century. Every pupil would put a one-cent, five-cent or ten-cent coint in their own compartment of a special savings chest. When the compartment was full, the money would be deposited in a junior savings account.

In this way school children learnt to save money and banks established a relationship with their clients of the future. School savings programmes were especially popular in the twentieth century: ABN AMRO’s predecessor Spaarbank te Rotterdam even had a separate department to manage it. We still teach children to be responsible with money, such as with our programme 'Be a Hero with Your Money'.