Diversity & Inclusion

From transsexual garbage collectors to politicians with a non-Western background: our society is reaching unparalleled heights of diversity. Because of these differences in background, each of us has a unique perspective on life with individual beliefs and opinions. ABN AMRO sees those differences as an opportunity. We believe that a mixture of experiences, viewpoints and talents is the foundation on which innovation and progress are built. It's not where you're from that counts, it's where you’re going.

We are convinced that the road to success involves embracing our differences. After all, our position is at the heart of society, not above it. Besides, an inclusive workplace enables our employees to make the most of their unique traits and skills. Good ideas deserve to be heard. A bright future lies ahead and we've already been making good progress. A growing number of women are making their way to top positions, and our teams are becoming increasingly diverse in terms of age, colour and background.

Our diversity policy

Just as clients’ demands and needs are always in flux, the labour market is continuously changing and developing as well. We believe combining different talents will make us stronger.

Message from the CEO

Diversity is not a luxury, it's a must. And that's not just because we as a bank have a social responsibility. Diversity also helps us relate to all our clients while avoiding tunnel vision.


The bank’s long-term strategy outlines five strategic priorities for the years 2013 to 2017. But how do our ambitions translate into measurable figures? And are we well on track to achieving them? The data will tell you more.

The inclusion thermometer

Every year, ABN AMRO and an external research firm hold an employee survey among all our colleagues. The goal is to get an impression of how everyone is feeling about their work.