Improving writing skills through Letterpret!

Schrijfwedstrijd met Paul van Loon

ABN AMRO Foundation designed Letterpret! (‘Fun with Letters’), a programme to enhance children’s joy in reading and writing. Teaming up with Kidsweek and De Schoolschrijver, we developed a fun teaching package called Schrijfgeheimen, in which children’s authors share their writing secrets. The package is available for primary school groups 4/5, 6/7 and 8.

Every year, a writing competition during the Children’s Books Week invites children to send in their best, spookiest or most exciting stories, and to use the tips and tricks they’ve learned. ABN AMRO volunteers help children write their stories during Children’s Books Week, using our writing package and guest lessons to help improve writing skills.

Foundation Volunteer Linda Vallentgoed Goemaat

Income & Wealth Advisor
“For the writing competition, I assisted 10-year-olds in Group 7 at the Jan Ligthartschool in the Dutch town of Woudenberg. I always marvel at children’s creativity and the way they all join in. My take-away from these guest lessons is that I can’t always plan everything ahead of time. And that, despite all my preparations, things may still go just that little bit differently – but still very well. The great thing about this project is that children draw on an amazing store of fantasy to create their stories, and get inspired to read more. And both the school and the children are incredibly excited, which makes this so much fun to do!’

Foundation Volunteer Mireille ter Horst-Berbers

Income & Wealth Financial Advisor
“It’s great to see the enthusiasm of children and teachers at these guest lessons. I think it’s a really good thing that we promote writing, as it’s so important for children’s development. And not just for language and spelling, but also for their motor skills, fantasy, empathy and cooperation skills. It’s great for the children to learn from each other, too.”