Workshop with Dutch dance company Nederlands Dans Theater

ABN AMRO Foundation Dansworkshop bij NDT

Moving freely can be quite a challenge for children with special needs. But it’s just as healthy and fun for them as it is for anyone else their age. And often they just need a little push – which is why ABN AMRO Foundation organises dance workshops. We do this in close collaboration with Nederlands Dans Theater (NDT), one of the most celebrated dance companies in the Netherlands.

Children from the area of The Hague are taught modern dance at a level specially adapted to them. They also come and watch a ballet lesson at the professional company and interview one of the dancers. And of course, all with the aid of an ABN AMRO volunteer. Pushing boundaries, having fun and partnership – that’s what the workshop’s about.

Foundation Volunteer Merijn van Hooff

Daily Banking Advisor
“I love helping people, especially children. And this workshop gives them a great day out. It makes me feel good to do something for someone else this way and I’ve been encouraging as many colleagues as possible to get in on the Foundation activities for years. I typically join in for months and activities with special themes. The best thing about the dance workshop for me was to discover that it wasn’t just the kids that had fun and learned a lot – I did too. Until then, dance hadn’t really tickled my fancy, but I’ve become quite interested now that I know more. I’ve actually got tickets for an NDT performance soon!”