Selection of historical videos

An information film on the colonial banking operations in the Dutch East Indies, a film report of a staff or jubilee party, cinema advertising for school savings plans, training films for a new type of office machine or computer, a press conference to announce a major takeover or merger, some fifty years of TV and radio commercials, the bank’s historical audiovisual collection is as diverse as the rest of its collection. A small selection will serve to underline this.

The Bank in Hong Kong

The Bank in Hong Kong. TV commercial from 1994 on ABN AMRO Hong Kong.
Date: 1994
Producer: Lowe Kuiper & Schouten, Amsterdam 
Length: 50 s.

A new coat of arms of the Netherlands

A new coat of arms of the Netherlands. TV commercial from 1991 introducing ABN AMRO and its logo.
Date: 1991
Length: 30 s.

I am with the ABN

I am with the ABN. TV commercial from 1989 on the bank’s international business.
Date: 1989
Producer: Prad
Length: 36 s.

I bank with ABN.

I bank with ABN. English commercial from 1990 on ABN as the first European bank with offices in all EU countries.
Date: 1990
Producer: Prad
Length: 31 s.

At Amro Bank your holiday is in good hands

At Amro Bank your holiday is in good hands. TV commercial from 1981 on the bank’s holiday services.
Date: 1981
Producer: FHV/BBDO
Length: 30 s.

Amro, that's the bank for me

TV commercial from 1988, targeting a young audience.
Date: 1988
Length: 25 s.


Bank-on-wheels. Colour film without sound from circa 1950 showing the bank bus driving in and around Rotterdam.
Date: ca. 1950
Length: 7:34 s.

Alright, alright. I will go to VSB

I will go to VSB. TV commercial from 1995 on car financing.
Date: 1995
Producer: Hoek & Sonépouse, Diemen
Length: 41 s.

Fortis. Solid partners, flexible solutions

Dutch commercial from 1988 introducing Fortis’ new logo.
Date: 1998
Producer: Will van der Vlugt Film Productions
Length: 20 s.