Different cultures, strength in unity

The world is becoming ever more diverse. We want to be an organisation in which our clients see themselves reflected. With a view to increasing the percentage of staff with a non-Western background, we were one of the first organisations in the Netherlands to sign the Talent to the Top Cultural Diversity Charter in June 2018. By doing so, we’re undertaking to boost the percentage of non-Western staff at the bank. The aim is that, by 2020, 7% of middle management and 6% of senior management roles should be filled by non-Western colleagues.

Striving for cultural diversity

We’ve asked our staff to tell us about their cultural background on a voluntary basis since 2014. We’re one of the few organisations that does this, but we think it’s important to keep our finger on the pulse. Cultural diversity is a theme that has been a priority for the Executive Committee for several years now, which has led to such initiatives as the creation of a Cultural Diversity Taskforce made up senior staff from each business unit. They’re colleagues from a variety of cultures and backgrounds. The Taskforce focuses on increasing cultural diversity through accelerated career progression of colleagues with a non-Western background.

Towards a multicultural organisation

We’re doing a lot to achieve this. In the Career Accelerating Programme, mentors provide career planning support to talented non-Western colleagues at the bank. And the new Future Talent Programme helps high potentials with a non-Western background to progress to middle and senior management roles. In response to a staff initiative, we launched the Reboot Programme in 2017, in which talented asylum status-holders are offered a job or internship at the bank. In partnership with other organisations, we’re active in the ABN AMRO-initiated Agora Network, in which talented people with roots in all corners of the world dedicate themselves to promoting cultural diversity in the private sector.

Growing share of non-Western employees

We measure our progress every quarter. In 2018, 4.4% of middle management and 3.4% of senior management roles at the bank were held by staff with a non-Western background. We’re getting closer to achieving our goals, but there is still room for improvement. We’re on the right track and that is being noticed by the outside world. The fact that we were invited in 2018 to take part in the Social and Economic Council of the Netherlands (SER) advisory committee on diversity further encourages us to continue following the path on which we have embarked towards becoming a multicultural organisation.