Women to the top

Equal opportunity for women: we’re doing a lot to achieve that, because breaking through old patterns doesn’t happen just like that. To help increase the number of women at the bank, we set annual targets for each business unit. Our goal is to have 30% of senior management roles and 35% of middle management roles held by women by 2020. We firmly believe that this will make our business stronger. It will also mean that we’re acting in accordance with the law.

Actively searching for female talent

By signing the Talent to the Top Charter in 2009, we were also agreeing to external monitoring. This keeps us on our toes, helps us achieve our goals and shows how we’re doing compared with our peers. We explicitly seek out female talent both for the most senior positions and for other roles within the bank. We have special mentoring programmes to help talented women map out a career path. And there are two internal networks actively promoting the empowerment of women within the bank. Women on the Move focuses on women who are still growing in their career, while the Leading Ladies network brings together women in senior management roles. Sharing knowledge and experiences is a central theme in both networks. The networks are also an important way of enabling the bank to gauge opinions on gender-related issues.

Growing proportion of women in most senior positions

Today, in 2018, 28% of senior management positions at the bank are held by women. That marks a 3% increase on 2017 and puts us well on our way towards achieving our target for 2020. At the same time, we’re lagging behind in the percentage of women in middle management roles, the percentage being 27.5%. Private Banking reported a remarkable increase in the percentage of women in senior management positions, up from 24.6% in 2017 to 41.2% in 2018. We will be looking at what the other business units can do to help bring us closer to achieving our targets for 2020.

Successful diversity policy

We’re achieving results and that’s being noticed. We’ve been recognised several times by the government and other organisations for setting an example. In June 2018, we received the Diamant Award from the Monitoring Talent to the Top Committee for the progress we’re making in our drive to increase the number of women at the top.