Bank in the classroom

In March of every year, Money Wise, an initiative of the Dutch Ministry of Finance and partners in a range of sectors, runs the National Money Week. The aim of this programme is to teach children in groups 6, 7 and 8 (ages 9-11) to handle money through play. It’s essential that we do, as some of them are already getting into debt at this age – sometimes even huge debt. Getting off to such a bad start can really stymie talents and ambitions, and we can’t start too early in making children money-savvy.

During National Money Week, the Dutch Banking Association (NVB) and the country’s banks run a programme of guest lessons for primary schools across the Netherlands: Bank in the classroom. ABN AMRO is there, of course. Passionate volunteers go into the schools and explain in an easy and accessible way how we make money, spend it wisely and not go into the red (about money, saving and debt). Of course, their financial knowledge and experience makes them just the right people to discuss the subject. This fun programme teaches children everything about money and how to spend it wisely, now and in later life.

Foundation Volunteer Tim Clements

Daily Banking Advisor (Retail)
“I taught a primary school class during National Money Week. It’s very important, of course, to teach children about money matters. And some of them already knew what a mortgage is. At age 10! Besides, it was just a lot of fun to be in front of a class. And I could tell they were having fun too. It’s bloody hard, though, to control between ten and twenty kids. But more than worth it, definitely!”