Cyber security

Money and data should be safe at all times, whether they belong to organisations or individuals. As a bank, we have a duty of care. Every day we protect our clients from all kinds of fraud: malware, cybercrime, CEO fraud, help-desk fraud, phishing. And we do so using the latest in crime prevention and crime-fighting techniques, working closely with the legal authorities and the police. In other words: we help our clients to do their online banking safely.

Recognising fraud

How do criminals operate? A rundown of all methods they use, and tips on what to do in the event of fraud.

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Online shopping. How safe is it?

School pupil Steef Safe brings questions and uncertainties about digital security out into the open.

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Phishing. Steef Safe makes digital security negotiable

Steef Safe dives into the world of phishing and finds out what we can do about it.

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App protecting your data

We’ve joined forces with fintech Ockto to make it easier for consumers to safely gather information for a mortgage application.

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