ABN AMRO wants to make museums accessible to everyone. Art and culture are reflections of our society, and the engine of new developments. In the past few years, entrepreneurs in the art world have been forced to become more self-sufficient due to subsidies being cut back. ABN AMRO sponsors a number of these wonderful cultural institutions.

Hermitage Amsterdam

Since 2004, ABN AMRO has been the proud main sponsor of the Hermitage Amsterdam. In a fully restored seventeenth-century building, art treasures are on display from the abundant collection of the Hermitage in Saint Petersburg. We fully support the philosophy of the Hermitage Museum. In the first place, the museum proves that distinctive cultural heritage can also be shown to advantage in different surroundings. Second, the organisation shows great social entrepreneurship by making art and culture accessible to a broad audience.

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Hermitage for children

ABN AMRO believes art and culture are vital to children’s education and that young talent should have the opportunity to develop. We give young people this chance by designing activities for children in cooperation with the Hermitage Amsterdam. No other museum in the Netherlands dedicates so much attention to education. Every year, thousands of children between the ages of four and twelve participate in activities at this museum. The Hermitage for Children has five workshops, two classrooms, a restaurant and a gift shop.

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Between 1907 and 1922, Helene Kröller-Müller acquired an enormous collection of art for her ‘museum house’. The museum has the second largest Van Gogh collection in the world as well as the works of several modern masters. The museum’s location in De Hoge Veluwe National Park creates a unique blend of art, nature and architecture. ABN AMRO has been a Founding Partner of the Helene Kröller-Müller Fund since July 2013, through which individuals and companies can contribute to restorations and educational projects.

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Singer Laren

ABN AMRO’s relationship with Singer Laren, the theatre as well as the museum, goes back to 1990. Both are the legacy of the American art collector William Singer (1868-1943). The museum’s permanent collection, known as the Singer Collection, includes works by Albert Neuhuys, Bart de Leck, Eddy Roos, William Singer, Hein Kever, Evert Pieters, Ferdinand Hart Nibbrig, Lou Loeber, Chris Beekman, Gustave De Smet, Auguste Rodin and Jan Sluijters. The Singer Museum also organises several special exhibitions each year. An entirely new theatre opened its doors on 6 September 2017.

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Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

ABN AMRO has been one of the main founders of the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam since 2008. After being under renovation for over eight years, the museum re-opened its doors on 23 September 2012. The Stedelijk Museum is home to a permanent collection of modern art, ranging from the 1870s to the 1960s, and a large design collection, from industrial design to applied arts and graphic design. It also hosts temporary exhibitions.

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ABN AMRO Art Award

The ABN AMRO Art Award was introduced in 2004 and will be presented for the seventh time in 2017. We award this special prize to talented Dutch and foreign visual artists working in the Netherlands, to give them the opportunity to develop their talents. The winner of the ABN AMRO Art Award receives an exhibition in the Hermitage Amsterdam, which exposes his or her work to a broad public. We also purchase some of the artist’s work for ABN AMRO’s art collection and we give the artist a monetary award. The jury of the ABN AMRO Art Award comprises several renowned individuals from the Dutch art world. The jury bases its decision mostly on the quality and originality of the artist’s work.

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