In order to discover talented people, we need to create a culture that fosters talent. As a first step, people should be able to talk about what they are good at. This should be a normal part of their interactions and should be encouraged, starting in primary school. As well as teaching cognitive skills, we should focus on skills such as collaboration, speaking in public and creativity.

Fun with Letters

Fun with Letters (Letterpret) is a social programme that aims to make reading more fun for children and to motivate them to read. Reading is a basic skill that boosts a pupil’s opportunities in education and society. Being able to read well is a skill that is important for the development of talents. This is why ABN AMRO has developed several projects that promote reading skills, including a large writing contest (De Grote Schrijfwedstrijd) in collaboration with the foundation De Schoolschrijver and publishing company Zwijsen. As part of the Fun with Letters reading event, hundreds of volunteers from ABN AMRO visit dozens of primary schools every year to read to children.

Be a hero with your money

Household debt is becoming an increasingly serious problem in the Netherlands. This is why it is important to start teaching children how to deal with money at an early age. How much do things cost? How can you save money? What does taking out a loan mean?
Together with NIBUD, the Dutch National Institute for Family Finance Information, we developed our own teaching package for school pupils in primary 5 and 6. ABN AMRO staff teach financial skills at primary schools across the Netherlands.

The KidsRights Foundation

ABN AMRO has been a social partner of the KidsRights foundation since 2006. This foundation supports and stimulates the development of children into change-makers by improving their leadership qualities and knowledge, and encourages local initiatives for change-making.

Every year, KidsRights organises the International Children’s Peace Prize in The Hague. This prize is awarded to a child who has shown special dedication to children's rights around the world. At the tenth award of the Children’s Peace Prize in 2014, ‘The Youngsters’ was launched for former winners of the prize. The new winner is added to the list each year. As a group, ‘The Youngsters’ wants to create a movement that raises awareness for children’s rights among world leaders, governments, fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters.

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