Over one million people in the Netherlands earn a living as business owners. This is a large proportion of the labour market. Unfortunately, nearly one-third of all starting entrepreneurs give up, often because they are not well prepared for running a business. To help them, ABN AMRO has launched a programme called Partner of the Future, which coaches starting entrepreneurs and prepares them by offering school programmes.

Coaching starting entrepreneurs

Every year, hundreds of ABN AMRO staff act as coaches for starting entrepreneurs in social and other types of enterprises. These coaches help starters achieve their business ambitions by offering a series of coaching sessions. In this programme, we work together with Qredits and Social Enterprise NL

Education and entrepreneurship

We sponsor a JINC programme called Ondernemen Doe Je Zo! (‘Starting up your own business’), under which students of lower vocational schools learn how to run a business. They are trained by several coaches, one of which is ABN AMRO. We have also been the proud sponsor of the Jong Ondernemen (‘Young Entrepreneurs’) foundation for over 25 years. Students set up ‘student companies’ and learn about many aspects of running a business. Ultimately, they compete in a national contest, and some even go on to the European finale.