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At ABN AMRO, we love to see people go for it – people with a passion they constantly feed. They’re the force that drives our society; they inspire others to achieve better and more.

We want to encourage, stimulate and celebrate this passion. That’s why we support the Ajax Amsterdam Football Club women’s and youth teams, it’s why we’re active at some fifty hockey clubs across the Netherlands, we help children with disabilities play sports and provide a platform for gifted dancers, culturally talented people and innovative designers. Since 1974, we’ve sponsored one of the world’s biggest indoor tennis tournaments – and we’re proud of that! 

There are many inspiring stories resulting from these sponsorships, which we are eager to share. Why? Because we know that passion is infectious and inspires others to pursue their passion – and that’s how we move society forward, step by step.

Latest news and blogs about sponsorships

Latest news and blogs about sponsorships