Richard and Esther's talent contest

During the ABN AMRO World Tennis Tournament girls and boys in the ages 10 to 13 had the opportunity to catch the eyes of Richard Krajicek and Esther Vergeer.

The mentors in the Partner of the Future programme used this talent training session to identify new players to add to their groups. The choice will not be an easy one, because the 25 players taking part soon showed how much talent they all had. For an hour and a half they demonstrated their abilities to Esther, Richard and the watching tennis coaches. ‘It was wicked exciting,’ said one girl. ‘There were a lot of people on court, but it still went pretty well.’

'Amazing players'

The mentors now have the difficult job of deciding who among the children should be included in the talent group. Richard Krajicek explains, ‘Obviously this session was just a snapshot, but I still managed to form a good impression of the kids’ abilities. They and the others already in the programme are all amazing players, so the future of tennis in the Netherlands is looking bright.’

'Pleased with the high standard'

Esther Vergeer adds, ‘I spoke to the kids after the session. I told them that we’re pleased with the high standard of their game, and anyone who doesn’t make the cut now shouldn’t be discouraged. We’ll keep tabs on them and maybe they can join at some point in the future.’

On 16 February the kids who took part in the talent training session were told who had been chosen for the Partner of the Future programme. Richard and Esther selected Lodewijk Westrate. He has now joined the programme.

Find out how KNLTB seeks to reach the highest level in tennis with the help of Richard Krajicek, Esther Vergeer and ABN AMRO.