Tim is back

The autumn of 2015 was perhaps the best period in Tim van Rijthoven’s burgeoning tennis career. Besides his Davis Cup debut, he also won a Futures tournament in Turkey, making for an amazing comeback for the talented player after having been sidelined for much of his final year as a junior.

Early in 2015 Tim was dealt a major blow: while preparing for the Australian Open (for juniors) he injured his elbow, leaving him sidelined for months. During that period he stayed in close contact with Richard Krajicek, his mentor under the Partner of the Future programme since the early days of 2015.

Richard's experience proving is worth

Richard did more than help him overcome this setback. He also taught him some important lessons about how to deal with injuries. ‘Sadly I’m an expert there myself. Luckily I can now use what I learned about injuries to help the kids,’ Krajicek explains. He taught Tim two important lessons from his own career. ‘You should always find the best possible treatment for your specific injury. There’s always a specialist who knows just that bit more than anyone else. And you must always make sure that you come back from your injury stronger than before.’

Coming back stronger

In Tim’s case, the second piece of advice meant a great deal of physical training during the time that he could not play. ‘It was a bad time, obviously, but your talent doesn’t disappear. You can focus on improving other qualities. Tim has come back much stronger and has made great strides in terms of his physicality.’

First victory as a pro

Tim’s successful return has been noticed by the wider public. First he made his debut in the Davis Cup, playing against Switzerland, and two weeks later he claimed his first pro title by winning the Futures tournament in Antalya. It is safe to say that Tim is back.