Dist-IT: a second life for IT products and computer hardware

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Dist-IT are specialists in buying up and refurbishing used IT products for data centres and business users. This gives computer hardware a second life and stimulates circularity around IT products. Watch this short video to find out all about Dist-IT’s circular business model.

The circular business model of Dist-IT

Dist-IT supplies refurbished hardware and network equipment to companies worldwide, focusing on laptops, routers and switches. Its business model revolves around reuse and value retention of hardware. Used hardware is bought up and reconditioned to give it a whole new life. No raw materials are wasted in the process.                                                                                                                                                                                 The circular economy around IT hardware is growing rapidly. Businesses that always opt for the latest equipment regularly write off hardware that still has years of useful life in it. Dist-IT prepares this software for reuse and supplies it to corporate customers like data centres, Internet providers and resellers.

Reuse and recycling computer hardware

Dist-IT also helps customers that need to dismantle data centres. It recycles the existing systems, reconditions reusable hardware and deletes data. If the hardware isn’t fit for reuse it is turned into new raw materials or waste using eco-friendly processes.

ABN AMRO is a financial partner of Dist-IT. Dist-IT took advantage of the payment break ABN AMRO is offering its clients during the coronavirus crisis to help them through these challenging times.

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