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Homie provides washing power. Its customers don’t buy an appliance and they don’t pay for maintenance – instead, they pay per use. Because it’s cheaper to run a cold wash than a hot wash, Homie customers are more aware of their washing behaviour. As a result, their laundry habits are 25% cheaper and more sustainable on average. Watch the video and learn all about Homie’s circular business model.

The circular business model of Homie

Based in Delft in the Netherlands, Homie is a startup that gives free washing machines and dryers to customers, who only pay to use it. As a Homie customer you don’t own the appliance, but you don’t have to worry about maintenance, replacement or repair either.

Washing power without waste

The energy-efficient washing machines and dryers Homie provides are fitted with a tracker that measures your use. The colder you wash, the less you pay. Drying is cheaper too at a lower setting. Research has shown that for 70 percent of Dutch households this business model works out cheaper than buying or leasing an appliance. You don’t have to buy or maintain the appliances, and because you do your laundry more consciously you also save money on water and energy use.

Sustainable washing and drying

Homie wants to make the white goods sector more sustainable and reduce waste. The life span of appliances is decreasing and consumers are quick to throw them out. Good, sustainable white goods are often expensive and many households hang on to old, inefficient appliances. Homie promotes sustainable, efficient use.

ABN AMRO backs circular businesses and supports Homie as its financial partner.

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