Restoring religious heritage, which can be centuries old, is a costly procedure. But it is a very important priority, residents of towns and villages have stated. How do you go about gathering the required money? By using crowdfunding.

How ABN AMRO MeesPierson helps churches to preserve important religious and cultural heritage by using crowdfunding

It is generally quite expensive to restore cultural and religious heritage assets. The people of Soest, Sittard, and Hoek can tell you all about it. To address this problem, a crowdfunding campaign has been successfully launched in these three towns. The purpose in each case is to raise funds from locals as well as people who live further afield.

ABN AMRO MeesPierson guides these campaigns. As part of its aim of offering sustainable, innovative services, the bank has developed crowdfunding as a service for local projects. The projects are off to a good start, and there is confidence that they will meet their objectives.

Crowdfunding projects have been launched in:

  1. Soest: restoration and placement of a monumental organ in the Oude Kerk

  2. Sittard: restoration of the landmark tower of the basilica 

  3. Hoek: replacement of the stained glass windows of the church, which is to be rebuilt

Within 3 weeks, over 40,000 euro was raised by the three participating institutions together, from over 150 separate donors.

Earlier, ABN AMRO MeesPierson successfully used crowdfunding to obtain financing for the project 'Draag de Dom' (Support the Dom) in Utrecht. That pilot project made it clear that crowdfunding is more than just a type of financing. With crowdfunding, the people involved become real co-owners of the mission, broadening support from the community.