Kids' Energy Boot Camp during the WTT

How environmentally conscious are you? That's the question the bank asked over 500 children at the Kids' Energy Boot Camp, organised on 14 February to coincide with the ABN AMRO World Tennis Tournament in Rotterdam. Fun games and exercises were planned to show them how their own choices can have an effect on the environment.


The Kids' Energy Boot Camp helps teach children about the effect certain choices can have on the environment. Let's say you need to get from A to B. It might seem faster and easier to take the car. However, if we consider all the different ways in which a car impacts on the environment during its life cycle, we can see that it actually requires a lot more energy than, say, a bike would. The children were also assigned the task of generating enough electricity to power one computer for a whole day. How? By dancing on a dance floor that converts physical movement into energy. They also enjoyed smoothies made from fruit that would otherwise have been thrown away. All waste was then sorted into the proper buckets. They also used the "raw materials" contained in an old phone to play a computer game about recycling and waste sorting.


When kids can imagine the real consequences their actions can have on the environment, they're empowered to make better choices both now and in the future. The youngsters explored the themes of transport, energy, food, waste and lifestyle all in a fun, relaxed atmosphere. They were also given the chance to test themselves on how environmentally conscious they were by completing a short questionnaire.


Some 500 children participated in the Kids' Energy Boot Camp. ABN AMRO staff pitched in to make all the activities possible.


The Kids' Energy Boot Camp was organised to coincide with the ABN AMRO World Tennis Tournament in Rotterdam. This was the third time the boot camp was held.