Richard Reporting – what’s the ABN AMRO Energy Transition Fund all about?

In Richard Reporting, Richard Kooloos, Head of Sustainable Banking, drops in on colleagues to find out how they personally are making sustainability a reality. This time, he talks to Wendela Huber and Pieter Smit of the ABN AMRO Energy Transition Fund about accelerating the energy transition.

The energy transition is the order of the day. And while it has everyone talking, many players are biding their time and hedging their bets. How quickly can we transition to renewable energy, and what stakeholders will be playing which roles? ABN AMRO’s Energy Transition Fund aims to give the renewable energy market a boost by investing in companies and projects which are promoting the energy transition.

With a growth potential of EUR 200 million, the fund focuses on four key areas: the production of clean energy, clean mobility, energy efficiency and smart networks. To be eligible for investment, companies need to devote at least half their operations to the energy transition, their operational profits should total EUR 2 million or more and they must be based in north-western Europe.

In recent months, the Energy Transition Fund has invested in companies including Orange Gas and Eternal Sun. Orange Gas is a supplier of biogas, an alternative to fossil fuels. Growth capital will enable them to expand their network to Germany, Sweden, Belgium and the UK. Eternal Sun manufactures equipment to test how much energy solar panels can store, thereby reducing risk and making it cheaper and simpler for those looking to invest in solar parks. Ultimately, all this will lead to more parks being built.

In the video below, Wendela and Pieter talk about how they hope to accelerate the renewable energy transition through the Energy Transition Fund.