Human Rights Statement as a guiding force

We base our actions on principles that put people first: from our employees to our clients and suppliers. The basis for putting people first is respecting their fundamental dignity: their human rights.

ABN AMRO acknowledges that companies, including financial service providers, can potentially have an impact on human rights. In addition, we recognise that as a service provider we can contribute to or be linked with potential adverse human rights impacts via our business relations. ABN AMRO wants to fulfill society’s expectation of business: that it should treat people conscientiously and with dignity. For a company, respecting human rights means doing the right thing.

In 2008 ABN AMRO drafted a human rights statement, based on international guidelines and conventions, including the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. We operate in accordance with those agreements throughout all of our activities, at every layer of our organisation and in all of the relationships we maintain. The bank’s human rights statement applies across all of the bank’s business activities and all our business relationships with third parties associated with those activities.