Banker Harm takes the farm to pupils during coronavirus crisis

If children can’t come to the farm, we’ll take the farm to children. That’s what Harm (27) and his colleagues decided to do. Harm works at ABN AMRO as a relationship manager for our agricultural clients.

But Harm isn’t only a relationship manager – he also gives farm tours to primary school children from underprivileged backgrounds. When the tours were cancelled because of the coronavirus, he and his team decided to give 70 schools a digital tour of the farm.

‘Farmer wants a class’: tour of the farm

“In addition to being relationship managers, half of my teammates are also farmers. I myself studied agriculture and regularly help out a friend on his farm. My colleagues and I can put our experience to use by giving tours of farms to disadvantaged pupils. This is really important to the education and welfare of these children.”

“When the excursions and tours at the farm were cancelled due to the lockdown, there was no doubt in our minds – the show must go on! So we came up with the idea of vlogging, just with our own phones. We’re teaching the children about a whole range of subjects – meadow birds, cows, sheep, making butter, how a farm works. The kids learn about where food comes from and how it’s produced.”

“It was really fun to make the vlogs. It took some getting used to, especially hearing your own voice. Here’s a tip: after you’re done, don’t listen to it too often!”

Thank-you card

“We’ve gotten really positive reactions from schools, pupils and colleagues. I even got some fan mail from someone in our village. This positive feedback gives me lots of energy.”

ABN AMRO and activities for children

The educational programme on farm life is an initiative of ABN AMRO Foundation. The Foundation broadens the horizons of children from underprivileged backgrounds by offering them new experiences under the guidance of ABN AMRO volunteers.

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