Deniz in a time of corona: “Flowers by war memorials after all thanks to Tikkie”

People in the Netherlands were invited to make a donation using our Tikkie app for flowers to lay on war memorials all over the country on 4 May in memory of Dutch victims of war. Deniz Kayapinar (33) is a product owner at the Tikkie payment platform and was asked by the National Committee for 4 and 5 May to develop this initiative.

The coronavirus crisis couldn’t be allowed to derail Dutch Remembrance Day, even though the general public was unable to attend. To keep up the tradition of laying flowers, an appeal was put to the people of the Netherlands to make an online donation. Deniz: “The donations made through Tikkie meant we could still pay a fitting tribute to our war dead by laying down flowers. The campaign also gave a financial boost to flower growers, whose businesses have suffered badly in the crisis.”

Going more digital in the 1.5-metre economy

The Remembrance Day campaign is not an isolated case. Many charities are at their wits’ end now that scheduled events and fundraisers have had to be cancelled. But sending a Tikkie can help. The coronavirus measures meant that the Dutch Disabled Sports Foundation’s nine thousand fundraisers couldn’t go out collecting money for athletes with a disability during its annual fundraising week. Through Tikkie, the foundation was able to put together a campaign dubbed “Tik a Euro” in less than two weeks and raise money online instead.

Deniz is also talking to a charity that’s now looking to hold a virtual sponsored run after the real-life event was cancelled. “The idea is to have a virtual step counter at home. The more distance you cover, the more money you raise. But we still need to figure out how to put it into practice in the next few weeks.”

Send a Tikkie to donate to a good cause?

Deniz: “Last year, we started showing socially responsible advertisements  in the Tikkie app. That proved what a powerful communication channel Tikkie can be. Now we’re harnessing that potential to support charities during the coronavirus outbreak. For example, we ran a campaign called #helphospitality in February selling vouchers for local food and beverage businesses. One thing that’s become abundantly clear in this crisis is that the use of digital tools has skyrocketed.”

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