Always evolving

Changes in the distant future cannot be clearly defined in advance. Just think of all the developments that have taken place around blockchain and Artificial Intelligence. Yet it’s vital that we think about those changes now, sifting ideas and taking decisions about them. We carry out research and experiment with innovative ideas in all kinds of areas, often with surprising results. That enables us to find the right solutions to the challenges facing our clients.

Looking outside and looking ahead

Coming up with improvements and putting them into practice is important, every day. But staying ahead requires innovation – and innovation from a variety of perspectives, reflecting the fact that there are two types of changes to be made: changes for tomorrow, and changes extending further into the future.

Innovation for today and tomorrow

Everyday innovation takes place in all departments of ABN AMRO. These changes are clearly visible to our clients, because they affect products and services that they are already using. Think of a new functionality in our Mobile Banking app, for example, or using your debit card for contactless payments. Our main objective: to continually improve the user experience for our clients.

Innovation further into the future

Innovation works differently when it relates to developments further in the future. We know that there are themes that will have a major impact on the financial sector in the future, but we don’t know precisely which they are. This form of progress carries more risks than everyday innovation, and experimenting and learning are therefore key. In our Innovation Centre and through the Econic innovation programme we investigate a variety of potential trends and opportunities. So that we can face the future with confidence.