Innovation Centre: breeding ground for progress

What does the Innovation Centre do? Watch the video

The Innovation Centre is where we turn our attention to innovation in the long term. We think about possible future situations and look at whether we could play a role in them. And if so, what that role might be. We also teach colleagues from outside the Innovation Centre a number of techniques and methods to enable them to innovate. In this way we build bridges between innovators and exploit our innovative capacity to the full.

Learning and accelerating

To maintain our leadership role in a world where technological changes happen at a dizzying pace, it’s important to have a clear vision of innovation. The Innovation Centre therefore brings together all the knowledge ABN AMRO needs in order to reinvent itself. We study issues, collect insights and validate hypotheses. And of course, we keep a sharp eye on changes outside the bank. When we identify trends, we break them down into small, specific segments, which we then transform into ideas.

Progress through collaboration

Together with other departments and external parties, we study all kinds of topics in the financial sector. From blockchain and Artificial Intelligence to new legislation and open banking; abstract themes as well as practical developments. We experiment with them to arrive at new insights and develop new earnings models. To enable our successes to be rolled out directly across the whole of the bank, our experiments take account of all parts of our business.

Identifying needs

Innovation always revolves around the interests of the client. That’s why we engage in dialogue with the people who use our services and products and try to discover precisely what their needs are. How do they experience banking with ABN AMRO? What goes well and what could be improved? If we run into major problems that demand new products or services, we first build a prototype solution, which we then give to our clients to test directly.