Escrow and settlement

ABN AMRO Escrow & Settlement is a leading escrow agent and provider of settlement and payment related agency services. We work alongside many of the world's most pre-eminent law firms to help facilitate 100+ transactions per annum for our clients across several commercial and industrial sectors. We are proud to count the world’s leading private equity firms and institutional investors as our clients.


Intertrust to acquire ABN AMRO's Escrow and Settlement business, read the press release for more information.

Next to the provision of escrow services, our business has also successfully executed numerous paying agency mandates in all major currencies - often involving FX requirements and disbursements to 100+ payees across many geographies and time zones.

We pride ourselves on being dedicated to deliver the highest quality insight and assistance, using a combination of a pragmatic approach with a strong commitment to collegiate ways of working. Clients consistently choose to work with us as our offering always emphasizes:

  • Speed: We can arrange escrows in Europe within a week of receiving the necessary information.
  • Simplicity: Even in the most complex of transactions, we seek to implement simple and cost effective structures using straightforward legal documentation, which is easy for clients and legal counsel to work with.
  • Expertise: Our team includes highly qualified senior management and former lawyers with experience at leading law firms.
  • Continuous Support: Our payments team focuses purely on the management, administration and oversight of all of our escrow accounts - guiding our clients through set up, maintenance and closure of each escrow account.
  • Tailor-Made Solutions: Our products can be tailored to meet the requirements of many different parties, situations and jurisdictions and we are always happy to discuss creating bespoke arrangements for our clients.

You can count on ABN AMRO Escrow & Settlement for a prompt response and tailor-made solutions: we’ll make you an offer within 48 hours of receipt of the necessary information. We can also customize arrangements to different situations and/or jurisdictions.


M&A, Corporate Finance (including Debt and Equity capital markets), Litigation, Agency, Financial Restructuring, Trade and Reinsurance.

For more information on working with our Dutch team, please contact us:

Tel +31 (0)10 401 5856

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Interest rate Escrow Interest products​ (PDF 677 KB)¬†July 2019.