Auditor Independence Policy

ABN AMRO works together on a regular basis with external audit firms. We have in place internal policies for appointing, compensating, monitoring and other aspects of their work.

The audit firms deliver services including audits, assurance and other procedures governed by strict policies. As their independence is essential, ABN AMRO and all of its legal entities maintain a strict policy of avoiding any conflict of interest when using the services of the external audit firms. Our auditor independence policy is guided by four principles:

1. No decision-making

The external audit firm is not involved in the decision-making process at ABN AMRO.

2. No relationships

The external audit firm assures that no direct or indirect financial, business, employment or other relationship exists which would cause an objective, reasonable and informed third party to conclude that the external audit firm’s independence has been compromised.

3. Auditor Independence

The external audit firm assures that it complies with its’ internal rules regarding Auditor Independence.

4. Compliance

The policy should comply with the applicable laws in the Netherlands.

ABN AMRO recognises that its relationship with the external audit firm must be managed in a consistent and transparent manner and is committed to defining clear roles, responsibilities and processes in order to achieve this.