Diversity & Inclusion Policy

ABN AMRO Diversity & Inclusion policy includes rules and policies related to general (internal) diversity and inclusion.

The purpose of the Diversity & Inclusion policy​ (PDF 45 KB) is to state ABN AMRO's commitment to diversity and inclusion, which includes the promotion of equal treatment and equal opportunity of workers, prevention of harassment, ensuring non- discrimination and compliance with national and local labour and employment laws. It is the responsibility of the management of business lines, countries and their Human Resources (HR) departments to address this policy. For more information about Diversity & Inclusion, reference is also made to our Diversity & Inclusion page. 

Further requirements and procedures in connection with suitability and diversity objectives have been laid down in the Suitability policy​ (PDF 68 KB) which apply to the Executive Committee and Supervisory Board and its members. This includes various criteria with regard to diversity, such as gender and cultural background.