The primary objective of ABN AMRO Bank’s remuneration policy is to enable ABN AMRO to attract, motivate and retain qualified and expert leaders as well as senior staff and other highly qualified employees. As a matter of principle, the total target remuneration structure is below the median in the relevant benchmark peer group. Performance criteria should not provide any incentives for excessive risk taking.

The remuneration report and policy is an integral part of ABN AMRO Bank’s corporate strategy and risk profile. It maintains a sustainable balance between short and long-term value creation and builds on ABN AMRO’s long-term responsibility towards clients, society and other stakeholders.

Our remuneration policy of the Executive Board​ (PDF 234 KB) and our remuneration policy of the Supervisory Board​ (PDF 189 KB), including the accompanying letter of the Chair of our Remuneration Committee​ (PDF 257 KB) were adopted during the General Meeting on 22 April 2020 (with a majority of 99.5% of the votes cast) and are effective as from 1 January 2020.

In the preparations for our remuneration policies we invited stakeholders to consultation meetings to enable the chair of our Remuneration Committee to hear feedback and explore ways of implementing our new remuneration policies to address areas of concern. The remuneration policies were prepared with due observance of those valuable views received, mindful of (amongst more) the highly regulatory environment within which ABN AMRO Bank operates.

The individual remuneration of our Executive Board members can be found under Executive Board. The individual remuneration of our Supervisory Board members can be found in the Supervisory Board Remuneration Policy​ (PDF 189 KB).

More information on ABN AMRO’s remuneration report is available in the Remuneration chapter of our Annual Report and our remuneration disclosures at the bottom of this page.


More information about ABN AMRO Bank’s remuneration report and policy can be found in: