Restricted policy with regards to transactions with sanctioned countries

The United Nations (UN), the European Union (EU) and the United States (US) have imposed restrictive measures ('sanctions') against certain countries with the aim of achieving a change in activities or policy. Other countries in which the bank operates may also have imposed their own restrictive measures.

These measures include amongst others:

  • financial restrictions (loans, payments, letters of credit);

  • general or specific trade restrictions (import and export bans);

  • arms embargoes;

  • restrictions on admission (visa or travel bans).

ABN AMRO is obliged to adhere to the legal restrictive measures. In addition, the bank uses in some cases a more restrictive policy, based on their own risk analysis. The possibility to perform transactions with these countries through ABN AMRO is consequently limited.

You are urged to contact the bank when you are considering to do business with countries against which restrictive measures have been imposed. If you perform transactions with these countries without prior consultation of the bank, you run the risk that the bank, under the legal provisions and/or the derived internal policies, will not perform these transactions.
Regularly check the website of ABN AMRO and of the competent authorities (including the UN, EU and US) to determine whether you have the most current information available.

Currently the UN, the EU and the U.S. have imposed restrictive measures against amongst others the following countries: (the countries names are preceded by the ISO country code)

  • CU Cuba

  • IR Iran

  • KP North Korea

  • SY Syria

A complete overview can be found on the websites of the: